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Via Italo Svevo, 19 - zona Talenti | 00137 | Roma (RM), Italy | +39.06.87137234 | +39.06.87137234

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Hairstylists He made his debut in the entertainment world look like in the film makers wish to fly taking care of the look of Daniela Poggi, always enters the world of young Tg personally taking care of the image of Sister Carmen, who also segiur in the program Cliche, Manuela Lucchini, Ivana Vaccari, Fanny Ronga, Lorenza Foschini. He began working with renowned photographers as international Fabrizio Ferri, Angelo Gigli, Roberto Rocco. The press baptizes hairdresser of the stars.

Roberto smiles and continues his ascent to the world of television following the celebity Alessandra Martines from the Cannes Film Festival in Venice and around the world on movie sets and fashion shoots. He begins to follow the curly Antonella Clerici from one morning to the test of the cook, through Domenica In and San Remo, still the look of Antonella and edited by Roberto. The meeting with Roberta Capua leads him to follow in its successful programs from the flying carpet in Buona Domenica, as are a myth at all crazy about reality, in the services of very well known in fashion and advertising, in all its many changes care of her hairstyle and look of the fateful It! Produce unique hairstyles for calendars Victoria Silvstedt, the program follows in the wheel of fortune and in the photo is not for the reality that my perfect life. Work with the trio jellyfish in the series a Christmas dinner almost perfect. For the Olympic Games in Shanghai studying the look of the national men's swimming, invents and creates the look of "babes" in the reality show Beauty and the Geek 2.

The name of Carminati strengthens international magazines and talk to him for a helmet the Minister Mara Carfagna calling it the most beautiful minister in the world. It starts around the world to do the juror and to represent Italy in the World Championships in China and Japan. The Lazio Region invites him to Dubai into a luxury show for brides. Care to show some truck Gattinoni, then collaborated with Rome for high fashion designer turkish Erkan Koru winner of the Vogue. Studies and realizes a dream hairstyle for the first lady Daniela Fini on the occasion of the reception at Buckingham Palace. Made a series for SKY channel not only lean where he is involved with great success in disrupting the look of the participants. Intervenes in the look of Henry popes for the successful series of the program Trasformat. Start a new adventure in Madrid, where he teaches in an academic project on a European communities. Create a hairstyle for Nina Zilli in one spot. Is entrusted to Robert the fresh look of Flavio Insinna for the program's arm and mind. Currently one of the designers and the company's flagship product Kemon, this is the guide of the best hairdressers in Italy Top HairStilys.

Who knows what other adventure soon it will be the protagonist! Good work! Roberto!

RUMORS Roberto tutor program history .. did not say that KING OF CRESPO! With great esteem. Catherine Bailiff

Roberto a person from another time .. thanks! Flavio Insinna

A special man ... A man who devotes all relished life at work and does it with such dedication that sets it apart from the crowd. Who has had the pleasure of knowing would not give more, because of its availability, sensitivity, and friendship .. Thank you so much, we love you. Elena Rabbit

Roberto with respect and sympathy! Enrico Papi

Big thanks to our friend Roberto! Massimiliano Rosolino, Luca Marin, Emiliano Brembilla

Roberto fondly from Russia. Natalia Titova

The hyena quintessential surprises everyone with her ​​elegance 80s. Eye makeup is a black and white contrast already seen, but on the whole the presenter comes out the winner, very feminine. The final touch are the Swarovski between the jet-black hair. Rated 8. Roberto Thanks you were great. (source: Vanity Fair) Elena Di Ciocco

Roberto, whose gentleness and kindness are almost equal to his skill ... With love Mara Carfagna

Well what to say ... we live in a world where perfection is all, unfortunately ... to give the best and to feel sure of yourself it takes a magic touch ... I want someone who will pamper and take care your image is ... since I was 14 I meet people who are trying to turn me: make me weird hairstyles, to make me look like what they are not. Hair colors never before seen tricks that make me 10 years ... the biggest secret to being the most beautiful is just to be themselves, to enhance their beauty does not seem to someone else, keeping their "origins". well, .., Roberto has done it ... it's one of the few wizards who can make you beautiful, fashionable but at the same time simple and sexy! Pamela Camassa

Make a judgment in a few words about Roberto is not easy, especially because, besides taking care of my hair, it has become a true friend. Once I spoke good because it knows how to interpret exactly what I want for my image, because it has never missed a cut or a color, because it uses only top quality products. Why is it always available; Today, in addition to all the enormous quality professional certfiicate also by his personal success, I must add that it is an extraordinary person with a big heart, and this is no small thing. For the day of my wedding I turned to him and for this special day, we opted for a hairstyle very sophisticated with her hair completely collected. "Pull the front, and with a bun very swollen on the back of the head. Was to dominate the hairstyle: no veil, no flowers ...". Roberta Capua

You are the No. 1. Due to the brightness, the brightness that your colors add to my hair and my smile. With the deep affection of a dear friend. Antonella Clerici

Really complicated operation to deal with the head. The more they do it with their hands, few are able to use the heart and the brain. Sure, it's only hair we're talking about, a frame-say-but if you mess up, spoil the whole: a beautiful picture can lose value. Roberto put your head safe. Its secret is the unique craftsmanship, what makes the difference is his feeling. With modesty, simplicity and a very strong human charge, never coy or complacent, Roberto tries to figure out who has to face in order to study the image more suited to that character or that condition, who are tired of the usual menage, those who want a hairstyle is important because is about to experience a special moment. Comply with the fear of change, ready to suggest, it takes desire, transgression. It is not the coiffeur of provocation, but does not get tired of trying new ideas. Hard to find a professional who puts the update in the first place. Roberto participates in international seminars, competitions, product launches. It is informed on new trends, it continually tests. In his studio, which opened with courage alone, a little more than twenty years. Everything is always taken care of, from the penalty spot cleaning, fresh flowers, scented shampoo and natural creams. Defects? Two great: too available, too modesto.Bisogna love him to be able to forgive ... Carmen Lasorella

A friend like Roberto is impossible to find ... with a lot of sympathy, but especially so, so much affection. Daniela Fini

Who is Roberto Carminati? The first answer that miviene in mind: a friend. Then I say, "and no. Roberto is my hairstylist of confidence." So you do not become friends because Roberto is fashion or is "in", Roberto friend it gets really, I now know him for a lifetime, and I could not change. The thing I like best about Roberto is the choice of hair color. In this I have always called a magician: he like me does not like strong colors, they know they fake, but the natural colors, with particular highlights, simple but absolutely never dull. To cut instead the problem is that I would never want to change, and then he is forced to modificarmelo a little at a time ... almost make me notice it. That is why our partnership lasts a long time and, I hope, will last for a lifetime. Manuela Lucchini

To my dear friend Roberto, a great hairdresser and also a nice person. with affection. Alessandra Martines

Dedicated to Roberto as well as the artist's hand is precise, safe, stroking the strings and charm in the air goes up the melody, so careful in your hands, with your creativity, your vibrant irony, with your heart, my image of the diva shot yesterday, the diva of today, with the color so bright you make me attractive and that the cut is scaled or shorter does not count, the miracle is done! The real magic is found to have you, my dear Robert! with affection. Donatella Pandimiglio

To Robert, with love. Victoria Silvestedt

From an early age, on the knees of her mother, stroking her hair pondering how to change the look. Why is this story of the "mothers whitening" just did not go down. The girls at school the first "test" and then off to ambitious horizons. Initially forced to make difficult cohabitation with the "gurus" hairstyle has been able to understand the secrets without acquiring the flaws and so now Roberto Carminati is for many of us the mirror more sincere. The one who can advise not force his hand, which suits your hair to your head and forces you if you do not feel, to psychoanalytic sessions to accept your new image. So read your mind knows, guess what you want. because it is not only a hair salon, a hairdresser, an expert look. It is above all a friend, who takes you there. Ivana Vaccari

Roberto is first and foremost a friend and a person of great sympathy. Professional about it, I would not be very reliable, I leave that to compliment him hairstyles are more credible than mine. Massimiliano Rosolino

Roberto invented for me "rossoCarminati." For me .... and for all its Rosse. Roberto generous, always there when you need him, Roberto "Debut" 'cause he gets excited when he knows he should do about your hair a special job, with that emotion that only boys know how to try; he, a professional for many years. Roberto and me '"azzurrocielo", color is not replicable on the hair. Not blue, and that 'fashion. He 's one more thing. No clouds, no thoughts, lightly; with joy. Kiss Rob, thank you. Paola Saluzzi

Since Roberto came into my head ... my hair is less rebels. Sara Varone


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00137 - Roma - Italy
Tel.: +39 0687137234

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